Meet Mel Kel

Melissa was born in South Jersey and graduated with honors from Adelphi University with a degree in Theater. She began her career acting, casting, producing and coordinating for several national educational theater tours that traveled across the U.S. From this experience, Melissa discovered that she loved casting, organizing, coordinating, strategizing, being a team player and connecting with new people. At the same time she managed the tours and worked on the road, Melissa balanced schedules and produced ahead while perfecting the fine art of cold calling and negotiating, proving to be a hard worker, team player, and detail-oriented with a “can do attitude.” With these tools, Melissa moved to New York City and easily found success. She went on to become a manager of experiential marketing events, which included organizing all event details and assets, the ability to identify brand goals, provide brand identity, explore solutions, implement action plans, and evaluate results while managing a team of Brand Ambassadors off and on-site, rolling-out program initiatives and promoting the new assets. Eventually, her work brought her to Los Angeles, and in 2015 Melissa decided to return to her roots of working in the arts and joined production on a web series. Over the course of the next three years, Melissa went on to become a researcher, production coordinator, talent wrangler and casting director. She has been able to utilize her vast skillset to work on scripted digital series, commercials, documentaries, docu-series, reality, game shows, lifestyle and live events. Melissa loves using her NYC hustle and LA charm to ensure goals and objectives are met, while using her positive mind-set to add to any work environment in an inspiring and effective way.